Hey Readers,

Something I think you should also know about me is that I have depression, anxiety and also BPD. And BPD stands for Boarderline Personality Disorder, which does not mean that I have split personalities. It just means that I tend be more moody and my moods can get a little out of control. And even sometimes waay out of control.

But how do I handle it? I handle it one day at a time. Sometimes I even have to handle it one hour at a time, to even one minute at a time. And the way that I do that most of the time is coping skills. Below are some of the coping skills that I have used in the past that have worked at the time but don’t work now. And some that didn’t work then, but work now. Also some that worked both then and now.

Coping Skills:

  • Listen to calming music
  • Color in a coloring book/Doodle
  • Go for a nice walk
  • Excercise
  • Write what you are feeling
  • Talking to friends
  • Take a nice bath

Those are just some that worked for me, you can always look up on google what works for you. There are a lot of sites that have tons of good coping skills for stuff for anxiety and depression.

Bye for now!