Hey Readers!

So, My name is Bianca and I am new to this whole blogging thing so if you are reading this I really hope you stick with me through my journey into my next best self. I thought that I would explain that my domain is sort of a play on words for my new beginning for my journey that I am about to embark on of self love and self nurturing.

Here are a few facts about me start that I want you lovely readers to know about myself.

1.) I really like cats. I just got two kittens, my fiance and I named them Remus and Moody. (hehe from harry potter). We also have Lily and Sirus black. Those two are girls.

2.) I am a mega potter head.

3.) I really like music

4.) I am studying Business administration.

This blog will be about a few different things. It will be about my life and my past struggles, advice I may have for my readers, and maybe just some fun stories I have to share. I really hope you all enjoy my blog.

Bye for now!